Weight Loss

Keeping a food diary can help people maintain a healthy weight. Chowing down with friends can cause overeating. Find out more here:

The Benefits of Walking vs Running

Sure, lap for lap, running burns more calories than walking. But research suggests a super-long (or super-fast) walk might be just as good as a short jog. Read on to find out which pace is the best fit for you.

Standing on a Scale
Understanding weight fluctuations is more complicated than you might think. Here's a look at the main problems with over-relying on your scale weight and how we can better interpret those digits.
Why It's Okay to Be Overweight
GUEST POST: Tom Ewer takes a deep dive into research to show how the supposed health risks of fat are inconclusive and that it may be okay—even healthy—to be "overweight."
Check out this super-comprehensive service that helps users lose weight the healthy way.
Eat More Move Less
Frustrated with traditional (and ineffective) fitness and diet advice, entrepreneur Julie Fredrickson decided to forge her own path to health and happiness.
In this episode of the Greatist podcast, we cover the site's best tips from December. Listen right here on the site to learn the best way to use your microwave, how to avoid winter weight gain, some awesome crockpot recipes, and more.


Weight loss isn't easy, but it's about making small lifestyle changes. We've rounded up the best tips (backed by scientific studies) to shed a couple pounds.

Can reaching our fat-burning zone be as easy as a push of the button?

New research suggests people are more inclined to lose weight when they earn money for doing it. Let’s use these findings to help develop weight management programs that actually work.

Lifting weights makes us feel the burn, for sure. But could weight training boost our afterburn potential, too?

Today marks the launch of Sessions, an online program that sets out to promote healthier choices with the help of a human life coach.

Fitting fitness into vacation time isn’t always easy. We've rounded up 17 action-packed getaways — from beach boot camps to surf and yoga retreats that will get you in shape at your own pace.