Weekly Viral Video

Chance are, you've been eating apples all wrong (for your ENTIRE LIFE). Learn how to be a less wasteful human being, one apple at a time.
Spawning from Dove's most recent Real Beauty Campaign video, this parody challenges men's lofty views of themselves against the not-so-great perceptions of others.
Going to spend a cheat day eating some chips? NPR visited the Herr's potato chip factory to find out just how those fried spuds are made. Not all the finding were so savory.
One of the U.K.’s top dance crews is teaming up with Fitness First to offer street dance classes meant to get folks fit while busting a move. We take a look if Diversity, winner of 2009 Britain’s Got Talent, can make this alt-workout both cool and functional.
This video takes us to the gym for a seriously ridiculous (albeit dangerous) workout.
Remember those classic Walk and Talks from the West Wing? Funny or Die teamed up with a reunited cast of the West Wing and Every Body Walk! to tout the health benefits of a brisk walk. No election necessary.


Behind every great Olympian is a great Olympic mother, or at least that's how we think the saying goes. This heartwarming video pays tributes to moms in advance of the London games.

Watch as strangers become friends and talk candidly about private stuff ... in a giant ball pit.

Check out this 24-year-old lady phenom pump out an absurd number of push-ups, without her hands even touching the ground.

Spoons have functioned the same for like, ever. But what if they did more than just shovel food in our mouths? Check out these new colorful, funny shaped, (crazy looking!), spoons meant to enhance the eating experience.

It's National Hot Dog Day, so while you're taking a cheat day by eating one, why not learn how the best competitive hot dog eater scarfs these tubular treats?

So you think your cat's cool? Ya, probably not. Well this cat is undeniably awesome, and knows a thing or two about the sport of soccer.