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Video of a Boy's Amazing Reaction to Getting a Banana as a Gift
We'll have what he's having.
In this hilarious video, the Governator dons a wig and moustache to prank unsuspecting gymgoers into listening to his bizarre fitness “advice.”
A tricked-out cab in Chile is offering riders a discount for exercising during the drive. But there's more to this story than a fitness-obsessed driver. It turns out the world's largest beverage company is actually the mastermind behind this gym on wheels.
This college student will show up every single jump-roper you know. (You know a few of those, right?)
It's either offensive, or totally brilliant. Here's one way three dudes decided to raise some money for breast cancer research. Warning: You might not want to watch this at work...
Maickel Melamed completed the Chicago Marathon in last place despite having muscular dystrophy. Watch his truly inspirational finish.


Need something to put a little pep in your step? Watch one (or a few) of these interesting and inspiring talks by (we think) some of the world's most smartest people.

"Everything has beauty, but not everybody sees it." — Confucius

It might not be a hit music video, but the team at ASAP Science has released an informative and important video debunking the myths surrounding emergency contraception.

We've all heard of tryptophan, but the science of Turkey Day sleepiness might not be so simple. Watch the Greatist Team tackle the issue.

Quaker Oatmeal is trying to add some fitness to your daily routine with Two Minute Movers, but how much good can two minutes do? Greatist takes a closer look.

This year, the hamster trio is committed to getting fit — and their workouts and self-care practice have something to teach us all about how we can transform our lives.