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The author, Locke, with her new camera
Jagger and her husband
So... What's Polyamory? Allow This Comic to Explain
A double portrait of Tikva Wolf and her character, Kimchi Cuddles
Jordan, the author, with her husband, Joey
A young woman in a red jacket looking worriedly at her watch
The author, Alia, on her wedding day, looking not especially excited to be there
Sean, the author, as a higher schooler
Kilby, the author, and her wife, Lindsay
An illustration of a bunch of pixies in kooky tights and scarves fluttering around Joseph Gordon-Levitt's head.
A tattooed woman and a cat enjoying the morning.
The author, Sierra, in a split-screen that shows her weight loss
A b&w photo of the author smiling
Should You Shave, Trim, Wax, or Let It All Go? Here's Our Take
The author, Christine, riding a carousel when she was a kid.
Pizza party at work
Girl Looking in Mirror
The author, Mikayla, wearing a coach's whistle around her neck.
The author, Lisa Marie Basile, on a boat
Young Love
Jodie, the author, showing some remarkable cheer despite being in the hospital
The author, Alexis, working out by a river
7 Pieces of Advice That Aren't Terrible (From a Relationship Counselor)
One of the Mikayla's last headshots
A woman meditating