People who jot down every meal are less likely to mindlessly snack or nibble between meals, both of which lead people to pack on pounds.

Use a Food Diary to Help With Weight Loss

Time to break out the stationary. One of the best — and least complicated — ways to keep track of food intake is to write it down in a food journal. Jotting down that handful of chips or spoonful of peanut butter can help illustrate how every bite can affect overall health.

Do It Today: Start a food journal today and write down everything you eat to keep track of meals and account for extra calories.

Beginner’s Luck:

Exercise newbies are just as (if not more) likely to get injured as pros. Learn how to avoid the most common running injuries.

Digital Love:

More into USBs than pens and pencils? Try tracking food and fitness with the Nike+ FuelBand.

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