Not too long ago, we decided to round up our 60 favorite healthier cocktail recipes. (You're welcome.) To revamp some classics and make them a bit more waistline-friendly we made some easy swaps. Here's how you can makeover your favorite drink:

  • Photo by Nicole Fara Silver

    Use only fresh-squeezed or 100 percent fruit juice to reduce added sugars. You can also dilute juice with water or ice to cut back on calories.

  • Choose seltzer water over other carbonated waters to eliminate added sodium and other additives.
  • Make simple syrup with honey, which, though sugary, has some added benefits, like a healthy dose of antioxidants.
  • Use whole fruit instead of sugar or flavored syrups. The fruit itself adds fiber and vitamins!
  • Choose light alcohol over dark alcohol. The dark stuff contains more compounds known as congeners, which may worsen hangovers.

The Takeaway: A night out at the bar doesn't have to be a sin against your health. Make these easy swaps for a healthier drink.

Did You Know?

Gargling whiskey can actually help soothe a sore throat. Plus, it's got plenty of other uses.

Fun Fact

About four percent of whiskey evaporates in the barrel. The missing whiskey is known as an "angel's share."

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