End the holiday season with a bang, but stick to low-sugar, light(er) drinks to start the New Year on a healthy foot.

Try These Healthier Drinks on New Year’s Eve

new years cocktails Sugary, high-alcohol drinks can pack a powerful caloric punch. Stay on track with drinks made from fresh fruit, seltzer (instead of sweet club soda), and just one shot of booze at a time. Mix pomegranate juice, lime juice, and a few splashes of champagne together for a festive Pomegranate Fizz cocktail.

Do it Today: Ring in the New Year with a round of fresh, fruity Pomegranate Fizz cocktails.

Bubbly’s Best:

Why sipping champagne can be a smart move at the bar.

Party On!:

Greatist’s roundup of 10 healthy drink recipes from around the web.

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