Mix up any fitness routine with a workout that’s easier on the body. Cycling gets the heart pumping and works the legs, glutes, and hips without risking injury.

Give Your Joints a Break with a Low-Impact Workout

Group of Cyclists Everyone knows frequent exercising is good for our health, but it can also lead to overuse injuries like strained muscles and sore joints. Stay fit for the long haul by adding some low-impact activities into any workout routine. Cycling, for example, offers relief from the pounding and pivoting that can cause long-term injuries.

Do it Today: Feeling stiff and achy at the gym today? Take a day off pounding the pavement and try a more joint-friendly exercise like cycling.

Om Om Ouch:

Learn how to prevent the most common yoga injuries.

Up and At ‘Em:

Bust out a workout sans gym with some cardio-based bodyweight exercises.

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