Headache, sore muscles, itchy throat? Sounds like a case of winter cold and flu. Turn to your smartphone for one of these 11 apps that help cure the winter sniffles.

Download These Apps to Get Over Winter Illness Faster

Cold and Flu Apps

When the cold or flu strikes, there’s an app for that. Download the CDC FluView to learn about vaccination and flu trends in a specific area, or use the ZocDoc app to find a last-minute appointment with a doctor. There are even apps for regulating your sleep cycle, picking natural remedies, and demystifying how many sick days you still have. Just make sure to disinfect the keys later!

Do it Today: From symptom checkers and natural remedy indices to flu trackers, find the perfect app to make getting over a winter cold or flu a bit easier.

Happy Dance:

Keep the winter blues away with these six tips to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Sneezing on the Stairmaster:

How sick is too sick to work out?

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