Stuck in a procrastination rut? Instead of getting discouraged by an unproductive morning, try “re-starting” the day halfway through today.

Boost Productivity By “Starting Fresh” After Lunch

Procrastinators unite… tomorrow! About 25 percent of Americans admit they procrastinate, but that doesn’t make getting things done any easier. Try this simple solution to accomplishing more today! If the morning has been punctuated by “I’ll do that later”s or “Let me just check Facebook”s, it’s time to restart. Instead of wallowing in unfinished projects all day, wipe the slate clean and begin again at 2 p.m.

Do It Today: When to-do lists fall by the wayside and deadlines loom near (and you can’t tear yourself away from watching 30 Rock), make a clean break and restart the day at 2 p.m.

Smell the Roses

Having flowers nearby can boost productivity at work.

Worker Bee

18 easy methods to stay focused at work.

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