The microwave’s not just for zapping leftovers and popcorn. From risotto to fillets of fish, here's how put this kitchen appliance to work.
Flu shots and hand sanitizers have their place, but good old-fashioned hand hygiene can do wonders in preventing the spread of sickness. Wash hands with soap (studies show non-antibacterial is actually best) and warm water often to stay healthy.
This winter, refresh your body and mind with a detox diet — that isn’t totally insane (we’re looking at you, Master Cleanse).
A kickboxing class blends elements of martial arts, aerobics, and strength conditioning. Since “kickboxing” can be a catchall term, make sure to look up a trainer that matches specific workout needs.
Water Cups
It’s possible to enjoy a night out without totally dehydrating yourself — just remember to drink a glass of water between each round of alcoholic beverages.
More small, local farms mean more healthy, nutritious, and environmentally-friendly food in neighborhood markets. Support the “No Food, No Farms” initiative to protect local farmland by signing an online petition.


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