The 65 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2014
Mobile apps continue to revolutionize the ways we run faster, get stronger, sleep more, feel calmer, and eat better. From the fun and zany (zombies!) to the scientific (food allergies!), here are the top 65 in health and fitness. Best yet: Most of them are free.
Emotional Mirror Technologies
The latest tech apparel features a sweater that changes with your mood, a workout shirt that changes colors with your body heat, and a "joy jacket" that lights up when you eat chocolate. Will these “Emotional Mirror” technologies affect the way we communicate in the future?
self-cleaning plate
Washing up after dinner is so last year. A pair of Swedish designers has just created a self-cleaning plate using special chemicals that repel food. Could this hi-tech dishware make it more appealing to cook at home?
Feeling the burn while pedaling up hills? Time for the Copenhagen Wheel, a new cycling tool that turns any bike into an electric hybrid. Read on to learn why it might turn all of us into gung-ho bike commuters.
A new device — the so-called “digital lollipop” — promises to change how we taste and enjoy food. Is it legit?
A bracelet that doubles as a sign language translator? Believe it. This inventive tech interprets and verbalizes sign language to improve communication between deaf people and non-signers.


Need a better night’s sleep? Find out why replying to work emails or finishing a paper in bed may make it harder to get sufficient snooze-time.

Not sure when to replace your running sneakers? A new device tracks how many miles you’ve run in them, so you don't have to.

Jawbone, the company behind the UP bracelet, just announced it’s acquiring BodyMedia, makers of some seriously advanced health tracking devices. We discuss what this development means for the future of health tech.

Technology can drive us crazy, but these 11 gadgets are designed to boost happiness. Plus they carry a variety of science-backed health benefits. Read on for the details!

Ditch the charger and wall outlets with the Epiphany onE Puck charger, a device that uses a drink's temperature (either hot or cold) to charge a smartphone or iPod.

And not just because the NSA is probably monitoring everything you do on it. This short film packs some powerful commentary into its two-minute run-time, challenging viewers to reassess the use of smart technologies in their lives.