Tips & Tricks for a Delicious Healthy Smoothie

Healthy smoothies are an awesome way to pack tons of nutrition into a delicious, convenient treat that you can enjoy anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a filling and flavorful boost of energy in the morning, a protein and nutrient dense pre- or post-workout shake, or just a tasty beverage for a hot afternoon, our collection of healthy smoothie recipes will give you plenty of rad reasons to put your blender and juicer to good use. And even if you’ve never tried making smoothies before or haven’t made too many we’ll walk you through all of the straightforward steps to show you how to make a healthy smoothie.

Have you ever noticed that if you say the word smoothie slowly - “smmmmooooothieeeeeee” - it just sounds so satisfying? Couldn’t be just a coincidence, right? Our healthy smoothie recipes offer you tons of creative ideas that will leave you feeling satisfied, nourished and full of energy. While some smoothies that you might buy at some stores might be loaded with sugar and extra calories, our healthy smoothies rely on nutritious, whole food ingredients. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor to get all of the health benefits. Far from it, our healthy smoothie ideas use tons of tasty and fresh ingredients to give you that satisfying “smmmmooooooothieeeeee” experience.

Tips & Tricks for a Delicious Healthy Smoothie

If you’re in search of healthy breakfast smoothies to jump start your day, we’ve got a plethora of yummy recipes that will give you plenty of energy to attach the day and won’t leave you hungry. Check out our rockin’ Blueberry Muffin Smoothie for a fun twist on a breakfast favorite. Or if you’re looking to get plenty of greens in your life, our super healthy Green Booster Smoothie is packed with tons of nutrients. It’s an excellent way to get going in the morning, give you energy for a workout or slurp any time your feeling like you need some more veggies. And best of all you can tweak and experiment with all of our healthy smoothie ideas, adding fruits, veggies and other healthy ingredients that you love. Think of these more as healthy smoothie ideas to give you inspiration to find your favorite mixes.

Getting ready to hit the gym, go for a run or play some sports? Check out some of our protein packed healthy smoothie recipes. They’re great for giving you the energy and sustenance to keep hustling and sweating, as well as the restorative nutrients you need to recover from a huge workout. And these aren’t your typical boring smoothies that taste like cardboard. These are super flavorful, colorful and creative healthy smoothie ideas that give you plenty of room to shake things up. There’s no need to get bored with the same old smoothie, when you’ve got so many radical options to choose from now.

We’ve also got plenty of healthy smoothie recipes that are perfect for any occasion, whether you want a fun and festive drink for hanging out with friends or a dessert-inspired treat that’s actually good for you. How about a delicious Pumpkin Pie Smoothie to cap off the day or even start your morning? Or maybe a healthy new twist on an old school favorite like our Orange Creamsicle Smoothie? Get funky and get creative with your smoothie creations.

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