Sexual Health

Myths About the Morning After Pill
Most of us have heard of emergency contraception, but we may be fuzzy on the details of how it actually works and exactly what it does to a woman's body. Here, we break down fact from fiction.

Does love at first sight really exist? How much sex is too much sex? We've rounded up our top stories on all things love, sex, and romance to give you everything you want and need to know.

From its Victorian origins as a doctor’s tool to contemporary versions that sync to music, the history of the vibrator is fascinating, hysterical, and downright strange. We delve into the vibrator’s origins and explore how it’s perceived and used today.
Can a condom made of beef tendons make men more likely to suit up? The Bill Gates Foundation is betting $1million that if such a condom enhances pleasure, the answer is yes.
We may have our pick-up lines down pat, but how much do we know about keeping things safe in the bedroom? Twenty-somethings can be pretty clueless when it comes to safe sex, and that can have serious consequences for their health.
Doing your freak thang never looked so green! Sex isn't always sustainable, but easy changes can have Mother Nature feeling good in no time. Read on for tips to make your sex life more eco-friendly.


Today is World AIDS Day, and the start of AIDS awareness month. Time to brush up on sexual health. Find out how condoms are made and 11 facts you might not have known.

Contraception is key for a healthy sex life. Here's everything you (and your partner) need to know to make time between the sheets the safest (and baby-free) as possible.

Celebrate love in a very big way (and get your dance on) by joining One Billion Rising, a new revolution to end violence against women.

The controversy over use of the HPV vaccine for guys has hardly flown under the radar, but what exactly is the argument?

The idea of "sexual peaks" — aka when we're at the top of our game between the sheets — has been a controversial, much-debated subject since the 1950s. Read on for our take on this steamy subject.

It’s not just about muscle— dudes who work out may also have happier, healthier sperm.