Sex and Relationships

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Couple in Cafe
It Happens Campaign
Trojan - Beginner's Guide to Sex Play
Girls Life vs. Boys Life
Discrimination on Tinder
Menstrual Cup
couple making out in bed
Hands Clasped
The Perfect Way to Explain Consent
Amy Schumer The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo
Dennis Rodman
Tara and Dom (Photo: Lauren Belknap)
Women Looking at NYC Skyline
Fighting Couple
Pokemon Sex Toys
This Humans of New York Story Shows Sexual Assault Isn't Always What You Think
These T-Shirts Are a Friendly Reminder That Women Deserve to Get Off Too
How to Make Yourself Feel 1,000 Times Worse After a Breakup
Happy Couple Drinking Wine
These Are the Traits We Find Most Attractive in Men
Watch Porn for a Good Cause (No, Really)
Here's Why You Should Call Your Sig O—Not Text Them
Adele Breakup Playlist
This Troubling Video Shows the Kind of Emotional Abuse Most of Us Don't Notice
Fighting All the Time as a Couple Is Linked to Some Super-Serious Health Problems


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