Self Esteem

Dove Selfie
Dove’s latest ad, a short video entitled “Selfie,” has been making waves all over the Internet. But is its message actually a positive one?
Bikini Bridge Image - River
Women determined to change the conversation around body image tell us what they wish someone had told them a long time ago.
100 Days
Need some inspiration today at the gym? This timelapse video of one woman’s 100-day journey will get your engine going (and might just bring you to tears).
Jennifer Lawrence
Can the girl on fire inspire the end of humiliating people based on their weight?
OP-ED: On reddit subcommunities r/amiugly and r/amisexy, users solicit anonymous feedback on their physical appearance. Are the people that participate sad and superficial — or totally normal?
Whether you’re looking to rev up brainpower, calm racing thoughts, or boost overall happiness, the solution might be in a pair of gym shorts. Read on to learn how moving our bodies can benefit our brains.


GUEST POST: How do you find your way through the societal pressures and stereotypes to a healthy idea of body image? Writer and poet Caroline Rothstein talks about her own struggle with eating disorders and self-definition.
OP-ED: Abercrombie’s CEO says he won’t sell XL or XXL women’s clothing. But if young people start out with a positive body image, it won’t matter what the store sells.
“Fat talk” is getting increasingly common among college-age women. But new research suggests no one wants to be around the gal that’s griping about her weight gain. How can we discuss body image issues in a positive way?

It’s time to straighten up. Slouching isn’t only bad for the back, but can also hurt self-confidence.

For most of us, self-esteem issues stem from the negative voices in our own heads. Break the cycle by spending some time articulating (aloud, if necessary!) your unique talents and gifts.

GUEST POST: From Nia Shanks, here's a straightforward solution to achieving health and fitness goals: Concentrate on making every workout a little better than the last.