Meditating hand
A regular meditation practice can make practitioners smarter and less stressed, and can boost their immune systems and attention spans. Try it for 10 minutes a day.
Myths About the Morning After Pill
Most of us have heard of emergency contraception, but we may be fuzzy on the details of how it actually works and exactly what it does to a woman's body. Here, we break down fact from fiction.
Is Multitasking Bad For Us?
Research shows we’re not the brilliant multitaskers we think we are. Use these simple tips to get more done and feel less stressed in the long run.
The Truth About "Friends with Benefits"

Anyone who’s gone to college (or, heck, anyone) is probably familiar with the concept, but what does science have to say about these ambiguous relationships? And what “benefit” (besides the obvious one) do they really bring to our lives?

Whether you work 18 hours a day or you’re just shy, making new friends in your 20s and 30s can be a huge challenge. Here's our best advice for fostering some truly meaningful non-romantic relationships.
One True Love
Find out how you can experience love, warmth, and cuddliness this Valentine’s Day and every day for the rest of your life (no boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife, husband, required).


In order to keep any relationship healthy, it's important to try new activities together to keep from falling into a rut. But that can be hard to do if your middle name isn't Moneybags. Luckily we've rounded up 30 dates under $30 that'll put the spice back into a relationship without making wallets cry.

Game on, girls! A recent study suggests playing video games together can strengthen parent-daughter relationships.

Taking criticism isn’t always easy, but it’s important. Before getting defensive or dealing with a crushed ego, learn how to handle negative feedback like a champ.

A new study looks at how The Pill affects women’s preferences in men. Read on to get the information behind the Jedi mind tricks.
GUEST POST: Suzanne Handler gives practical advise for not being consumed by holiday stress: It starts with releasing expectations and finishes with adopting a simple, gratitude-filled perspective.

Here's a list for all those last-minute-shoppers and "Oh shoot, how did I forget that person?" moments. We've rounded up the best gifts for health and fitness junkies, beginners, and everyone in between.