It’s true exercise and diet play a major role in feeling our best, but there are other things—things like great relationships, travel, embracing college life, and laughing (lots of laughing)—that are incredibly important to our overall happiness. And that’s the stuff we cover here! You’ll find 60+ healthier drinks for boozing, cheap and awesome date ideas, and advice about all the things you might be too embarrassed to ask your doctor, like why sex might be painful or if being “friends with benefits” could be bad for your mental health.

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Friends Holiday Party
Couple Hiking 9K
Couple in Bed 1K
Dating Couple Holding Hands
Date Night
Women Drinking Wine
Carbohydrates in Alcohol 5K
How Much Is Too Much Sex? 56K
Couple in Bed
Why Every Couple Needs to Talk About Cheating (And How to Bring It Up)
Going on a Break
Stop Ordering Like a College Kid and Opt for These Grown Up Cocktails 2K
Dating Advice Feature 1K
Skip the bubbles 32K
Stop Ordering Like a College Kid and Opt for These Grown Up Cocktails 5K
Beer Glasses
When was the last time you went on a date? Chances are, that's hard to answer.
The Best Six-Packs of Beer Under $10
The Totally Weird Hangover Cure That's Surprisingly Effective
Size Matters: The Ultimate Guide to Penises of Every Shape and Size 6K
Wedding Sunset
Dissatisfied Couple
You Really Can Exercise Your Way to Better Sex (Without Doing Kegels)
Woman Looking out the Window
The Dating Advice You Need to Hear (From a Woman Who’s Been to 200 Weddings)



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