Zack Murphy

Zack Murphy

At age 30, I found myself overweight and a total physical mess. I unburied my health and dropped 75 pounds, then gained 20 back to be a better athlete. Now I have the cheetah-speed, the strength of a bull, soft hands and the grace of a dancer. I’m ambidextrous, multi-talented, competitive, impatient, highly focused, endlessly forgiving, always humble, and a natural leader. Now I’m a fitness coach in my own studio and I just LOVE seeing the transformations my clients can make when they wholly dedicate themselves to their craft. It is absolutely incredible.. My most troublesome weakness is... remaining motivated. I love and embrace health and fitness as a necessary component of a well-lived life, but I struggle to maintain my mojo. As such, I am constantly seeking variety, which is the core of one of my greatest strengths as a coach: I have tried EVERYTHING (so nobody else needs to). I'm looking forward to learning more about... I am currently wrestling with Paleo dieting. I am mostly successful with it, but I’m also struggling with some of the weirdness of Paleo. I will figure it out. My favorite quote: "If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run - yours is the Earth and everything that's in it…." - Rudyard Kipling.
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