Vicki Vara

Vicki Vara

As a busy working mother of two, Vicki wanted to develop an effective fitness program which would fit into even the busiest of lifestyles. Using her 15 plus years in the fitness industry Vicki was able to design a method of movements and meal planning and which provides clients with results she could have never imagined. As the popularity of the v.method grew Vicki expanded her services through fitness DVD's and instructor trainings. Vicki provides daily inspiration to those mothers who strive to "have it all." She successfully balances her career as a high school health teacher and business owner with her active family and their activities.Vicki attributes her ability to balance it all to her healthy lifestyle. "Eating well, exercising, and keeping a sense of humor, gets me through each day. My motto because you can reminds all of us that with a little planning and dedication, anything is possible.
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