Tara Sabo

Tara Sabo

Favorite splurge food: Chocolate Go-to fitness routine: I teach a 60-minute Circuit Sculpting class twice weekly that combines weightlifting with HIIT and/or short bouts of cardio. When I'm not teaching, I'm doing more HIIT, running or Spinning. Favorite way to de-stress: My little girl is 10 months old. To play with her, even for five minutes, is to forget the stresses of the day. A close second? Spending time with my husband, just talking about anything and everything. Or running...it's always been a choice method for de-stressing. When I lace up, it's just me, my shoes and the road ahead. Nothing more, nothing less. Why I’m a greatist: I am honored to be a greatist and will do what I can to embody all that it stands for by continuing to live the fit life to the best of my abilities. As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and healthy living blogger, I've built a huge platform that allows me to help and inspire others to live their own fit life. It's not always easy, sure. But it's possible, and if I inspire one person...if I can help just one person believe this, then I have succeeded.
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