Steven Cheng

Steven Cheng

Steven Cheng completed his certification in Dharma Mittra Yoga in July 2005 and currently teaches at New York Health and Racquet Club, Club H Fitness, Yoga Union, Exhale Spa, and House of Jai. His personal style is free-form vinyasa with pieces of Dharma Mittra's signatures. Lessons are dynamic and energetic with lots of heat and strength building. Yoga, in the classical sense, aims to encourage the yogi's body to open with time and practice. Although alignment is the foundation to any yoga practice, "perfection" is not the absolute goal of Steven's teaching. A healthy form and a light spirit is what he exudes and what he promotes. Therefore, he works toward proper form, while having lots of fun and achieving a greater sense of well-being along the way. You will occasionally hear him say that his role is to act as a guide, offering possibilities, but the journey is that of the practicing yogi's. The final destination is a personal one.
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