Sarah Ohm

Sarah Ohm

Favorite splurge food: Custard Tarts! Go-to fitness routine: I love lifting weights! I've recently gotten into running as I ran my first half-marathon in the spring of 2012! I'm not as big of a running fan as I am of weight lifting. I also really enjoy crossfit and swimming! Favorite way to de-stress: Reading a great novel. I love diving into a world breifly and just kind of, leave all the stresses behind! That and a serious session of lifting heavy things always seems to help! Why I’m a greatist: Because I love bringing fitness and health to people in an easy way! I love to motivate and encourage the people around me to get more healthy and more fit, even though I know sometimes we all need to splurg and have that glass of wine or custard tart! It's all about balance, and balance is what I'm all about!
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