Robynn Europe

Robynn Europe

As a figure competitor in the NPC, Robynn placed top 5 in the 2011 Jr USA Championship, 2010 Eastern USA, 2009 Atlantic States, and won her class at the 2009 Eastern USA. Despite that success, she has never considered herself an "athlete." Athletes seem innately able to sync their minds and bodies, whereas Robynn feels strongly that her gym skills were mastered by a klutz; nurture over nature. What’s your most troublesome fitness, health, and happiness issue/weakness? Say what you want — I do need six pack abs! But...I have a postcard sized fat pad directly underneath my bellybutton that I've nicknamed "Datsun" because it is tiny and not going anywhere. What aspect (if any) of fitness, health, and happiness are you still hoping to learn more about? Thanks to a particularly dedicated client, I've become quite obsessed with the role of exercise in aging. I've seen this 65 year old man reverse the clock, gain some muscle, and (most importantly) an abundance of self-confidence!
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