Rachel Omolewu

Rachel Omolewu

Favorite splurge food: Pizza Go-to fitness routine: I love plyometrics and old school bodyweight workouts--push-ups, pull-ups, squats. Squats, they do a booty good! Favorite way to de-stress: Nothing like an invigorating class of hot yoga to ease the mind! Ah, Ommm! If I'm not doing hot yoga, I'm curling up with a great book and a cup of green tea. Why I’m a greatist: I'm a Greatist because I have a mission to inspire and motivate others to achieve their optimal fitness levels and reach personal goals. I enjoy spreading my fitness/wellness knowledge; teaching others that healthy living can be easily attainable, once you're given the right tools and have a grasp on nutrient function. True fitness is a lifestyle, not a quickie trend. I live this lifestyle, and by doing so, I'm a living example that balance in exercise, diet, and daily activities can be achieved; adding richness in my life and leaving me feeling fit, healthy, and happy. Therefore, I am a Greatist.
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