Phillip Page

Phillip Page

Phil Page is a licensed physical therapist, athletic trainer, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He graduated from LSU in physical therapy and received his master’s degree in exercise physiology from Mississippi State University, as well as a doctorate in Kinesiology from LSU. Phil was recently awarded Fellowship in the American College of Sports Medicine. He has been involved in rehabilitation and sports medicine for over 25 years. Since 1998, Phil has been the director of clinical education and research for Thera-Band & Biofreeze products. His clinical and research interests include the role of muscle imbalance in musculoskeletal pain. He recently was awarded the Lifetime Excellence in Education Award from the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the APTA. Phil is a member of several national advisory boards and regularly reviews grants and journal article submissions. Phil lectures extensively and provides workshops on a variety of topics around the world, including the Janda Approach to Muscle Imbalance. He has presented over 170 international lectures and workshops on exercise and rehabilitation topics, and has over 100 publications as well as 3 books including Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance: The Janda Approach.
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