Parita Kuttappan

Parita Kuttappan

Favorite splurge food: Dark chocolate Go-to fitness routine: My fitness routine varies by the week!  However, it usually includes a little running, yoga, cardio interval training, and strength training. Favorite way to de-stress: Hands down a good book + a glass of wine is the best way to de-stress!  Sometimes a good nap doesn't hurt either! Why I’m a greatist: I'm a greatist because my personal mission and passion run parallel with Greatist's - figuring out how to make sustainable, healthy choices that make you feel good mentally and physically AND convincing others to come along on the journey.  I see Greatist as the "everyday man/woman's" resource, and I can relate to that.  I'm not a fitness guru, a nutrition expert or a health coach.  I am, however, a person who tries to incorporate lots of small healthy decisions into her everyday life.  Over time I've learned that being healthy and making good decisions don't require turning your entire world upside down.  It's about finding fun, creative ways to make your life better, whether that means trying a new workout, cooking one new healthy recipe a week, or relaxing with a good book instead of crossing things off a to do list.  This is why I'm a greatist!  
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