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Noam Tamir

Noam Tamir

I was always into an athletic lifestyle; lifting weights and playing multiple sports growing up, my favorite one being soccer was a passion of mine. It wasn’t until I was in graduate school that I begin to envision myself being a health professional. My philosophy on training is based on gathering as much information on the client as possible to make sure that the program set forth keeps them motivated, injury free and provides optimal results. My most troublesome weakness is...Eating a bit too much red meat. I’m more of a salty then sweet person. I love steak but recently I have shifted my diet to meats such as bison, higher protein lower fat. Red meats tend to be high in fat and cholesterol but they are a good source of iron and zinc. The body just doesn’t seem to digest meat that well and nowadays who knows what they give those animals. I'm interested in learning more young adults. I think it’s important to educate them on the importance of exercise now so that they live a healthier and happier lifestyle in the future and pass that information on to others.


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