Maddison Vernon

Maddison Vernon

Favorite splurge food: Right now, nachos Go-to fitness routine: This is a tough one but probably a killer Body Attack class. It gives me a blast of cardio but I also get my strength conditioning in there as well, I leave filling fitter and toner. Favorite way to de-stress: Simple, I am a huge believer in 'me time,' it's important to me because I make it a priority. Afternoon time is either nap time or you'll find me on the bed with a good book and my blanket. Mornings are my most productive so I de-stress and relax in the afternoon. Why I’m a greatist: I am a greatist because I went from running at most 20 minutes to finishing my first half marathon. From being riddled with stress and anxiety to a silver lining, gratitude loving kind of gal and by making slow conscious efforts to feed my body the best food possible.
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