Lisa LaValle Overmyer

Lisa LaValle Overmyer

I'm a small-town girl from upstate New York currently trying to live a small town life in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a runner and a gym-goer when the weather gets cold- the sweet old man who works the front desk always tells me I'm "lookin' good!" so that's certainly motivation to go more often! I played sports in high school but thought I didn't have to work out in college (I was wrong), so once I set out into the real world, I needed a way to stay fit and running was it. I've completed three half-marathons and numerous shorter races and can't wait to do more! I'm also obsessed with TV, married to a guy a foot taller than me, and always looking for ways to make everyone around me laugh. My number one health tip, as a natural redhead: WEAR SUNSCREEN! My most troublesome weakness is... Chocolate, in pretty much any form. I'm looking forward to learning more about... Anything I don't already know! I'm like a sponge when it comes to tips and tricks that will help me live a happy, healthy, fit life. Just ask my husband how many new recipes I try when a new "superfood" is announced!
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