Linda LaRue

Linda LaRue

It’s true that it takes only one profound experience to change your life. Due to orthopedic injuries received from a traumatic ski injury 20 years ago, core performance guru, Linda LaRue, changed her life to live and practice daily what she preaches to her clients. That is whole body core performance training. LA Celebrity Trainer, Linda LaRue, RN MEd, ATC, is the creator of the best selling core workout DVD series in America, Crunchless Abs, and her new, multi-planar 360° long specialty exercise resistance banda and workout videos, The CORE TRANSFORMER. She is a Registered Nurse and Athletic Trainer with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sport’s Medicine from The University of Virginia. Linda has been a leader and pioneer in the field of land-based and aquatic functional, peak performance core training, rehabilitation, and post-rehabilitation for over the past two decades. As a Master Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, she has consulted with some of the top fitness and sports professionals in the athletic, health, and fitness industries including her beloved Lakers. She is routinely featured as a guest expert for top magazines and online sites including SHAPE, Oxygen, Fitness and SELF magazine and is a contributing writer for Fit Bottomed Girls, named by SELF and SHAPE magazine as one of the top ten most popular female blog sites in America. My most troublesome weakness is...Chocolate. However, is chocolate really a problem...LOL. I'm looking forward to learning more about... My passion is everything health and fitness—especially core performance—so anything about these topics gets my attention and interest. As I travel and present CORE TRANSFORMER workshops at the fitness conventions across the country, I always try to attend a lecture or workshop at each show. Recently I attended a Perform Better Barefoot workshop given by my friend Mark Verstegen, M.S., CSCS that I really enjoyed
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