Lauren Podolsky

Lauren Podolsky

Favorite splurge food: Wine and Ice Cream Go-to fitness routine: My go-to fitness choice is running but if I'm coming up with a routine on the fly, I like to do a balance of cardio and strength.  Usually 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer or stair master, and 20-30 minutes of free weights and machines. Favorite way to de-stress: Nothing brings me more serenity than coming home after a long day, putting Ray LaMontagne on my Pandora, opening a bottle of red wine and rolling up my sleeves to cook.   Why I'm a greatist: I believe in whole living. I talk a lot about nutrition, fitness and overall health but also about what it means to cultivate your entire self, be present in the moment and discover your own happiness and health for your individual body. Health is ultimately found when you stop trying and just start living.
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