Kyle J. Smith

Kyle J. Smith

I wore Velcro shoes to my first day of cross country practice my sophomore year of high school, at the end of practice my coach told me to buy new shoes- my hunger to learn more about fitness hasn't dwindled since. I wasn't blessed with a naturally athletic body or a freak radioactive accident granting me superpowers, instead I love working hard and learning — traits I try to instill in others through my writing and training. I know two ingredients to a fun and productive life — bacon and muscles — everyday I want to learn one more thing and share it with all my friends. My most troublesome weakness is...: "Grass is always greener" syndrome- there's something positive about wanting harder, better, faster, stronger all the time- but I gotta learn better how to enjoy today sometimes. I think smiling and hugging more is the best prescription for this ailment. I'm looking forward to learning more about....: If as a teenager Michael Jordan had been Chris Farley, could he have worked hard enough to become the best basketball player of all time? How does regular Jane become Wonder Woman with a garage gym and some Eminem tracks? I want to know what makes athletes awesome, and what all of us can do to become the best.
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