Kelsea Gusk

Kelsea Gusk

Favorite splurge food: Chocolate Go-to fitness routine: Rowing on the Charles river in the mornings, running as cross training, heavy lifts 2 or 3 times a week plus a splash of yoga to keep the muscles loose. When it's possible I also bike commute to work. Favorite way to de-stress: Surprisingly, art helps me de-stress sometimes more than exercise. I normally can't sit still but when I'm painting or making jewelry I calm down and can focus for hours without ever looking at a clock. Jigsaw puzzles also help me de-stress after a long day. Why I'm a greatist: Through years of coaches, teams, training and learning I have developed a strong intrinsic motivation to be healthy. Now I feel like it's my responsibility to connect others to ideas and goals that will help them become more healthy. I want everyone to take control of their life and start working towards their health goals. My health goals: Use all my CSA (community supported agriculture) veggies every week and race in 13 races in 2013
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