Katie Rosenbrock

Katie Rosenbrock

Katie is a health and fitness blogger living in New York City. She runs to stay fit and eats to feel healthy and strong. She is also an ACSM certified personal trainer and (mostly healthy) Food Enthusiast who writes about exercise and fitness, healthy eating habits, and of course… running. By sharing her daily experiences, plus tons of yummy recipes, she aims to inspire and help others find the fun in fitness and the excitement in eating healthy. Favorite splurge food: Pizza Go-to fitness routine: Running, always and forever. Okay. And if I can't run, (which, yes sometimes it happens) I'm all about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)! Favorite way to de-stress: Yoga and meditation. Why I'm a greatist: Because nothing makes me happier than knowing I can motivate and encourage others to live healthier, more active lives through finding fun in fitness and enjoyment in eating healthy.
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