Katelyn Block

Katelyn Block

Favorite splurge food: Froyo! Go-to fitness routine: CrossFit and olympic lifting. I'm so about it. Favorite way to de-stress: CrossFit, olympic lifting (do we see a pattern here?), and a night out with my best girlfriends. Why I'm a greatist: Since 2010, I've been inspiring, motivating, and making waves with my blog, which began as my outlet for healthy food and lifestyle. I've written about every diet I've tried (SAD, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, only meat/fats/vegetables, primal/paleo, you name it), as well as every athletic endeavor. I've done grade school sports, weight lifting, running, yoga, and am now hooked on CrossFit. Because I've tried (almost) everything, I write about (almost) everything. What it all ties back to is keeping a positive outlook on life and inspiring others. Kicking booty. Eating clean and sweating dirty. I love the life I live, and I love to write about it. Other people end up reading about it. Every day. Having a blog means an online presence comes with it. I am not my blog. I am my own brand. Through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and every other outlet I've gotten my hands on, I impact someone's day. And that's what I'm here to do. On my site, on Greatist, with Greatist. I heard Derek talk at HLS this past August, and immediately knew Greatist to be an incredible website with catchy, exciting, informative, and viral content. There is personality and spirit in every post, and that's what I'm made of. Personality. Spirit. Spunk. People catch on to excitement, run with it, and come back for more. That's what I do. I'm a greatist.
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