Joshua Dines

Joshua Dines

Dr. Joshua Dines is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine at Hospital for Special Surgery. He is a team physician for the United States Davis Cup Tennis Team and the Long Island Ducks minor league baseball team. Additionally, he is a consultant for the LA Dodgers Baseball team. He is a frequent contributor on Fox Sports NY and to The Huffington Post to discuss sports injuries. He has a particular interest in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle. Dr. Dines is very active in both clinical and laboratory research, with a particular interest in tendon healing and injuries to overhand athletes (baseball, tennis). His novel research on the use of growth factors to enhance tendon healing has resulted in several national awards. Additionally, his work has been published in numerous journals and textbooks and has been presented at both national and international meetings. His textbook on The Sports Medicine of Baseball was recently published by Lippincott.
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