Josephine Hoffman

Josephine Hoffman

Favorite splurge food: Pizza & Cupcakes (not at the same time though) Go-to fitness routine: I'm a runner so my go to fitness routine is running and 3 - 5 miles is my typical daily distance. Since I run outdoors year round I have to be flexible to take a day off or cross train when the weather is bad. My cross training fitness routine is a 30 min Kettlebell workout. Favorite way to de-stress: My favorite way to de-stress is with yoga and meditation. A walk in the woods or around my local harbor also does the trick. Why I'm a greatist: I love to inspire people, I love to share content, I love to help show people the way. In real life I have inspired friends, family and coworkers to eat healthier, workout and even run a half marathon. I'm not perfect, I am not the fastest runner, I make mistakes, I slip up with my diet/workouts, I even lose motivation but when I fall I get back up, I keep going, I keep learning and I keep sharing. This is why I'm a greatist!
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