Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt

Jordan Syatt is a strength training and nutritional consultant. He owns and operates his website and specializes in fat loss, mass gain, and athletic performance.Jordan is Westside-Barbell certified and has worked with world renowned strength-coaches such as Louie Simmons and Eric Cressey. From a formal education standpoint, he has studied Health Behavior Science with a minor in Strength and Conditioning at The University of Delaware.In addition to training and nutrition, Jordan is highly involved with personal development and psychology. His passion lies in finding what works best for each and every individual, and learning how to exploit their strengths while giving them the confidence to achieve their ultimate goals.My most troublesome fitness, health, and happiness issue/weakness is... looking tough. Coming from a strength and conditioning background and having trained at Westside Barbell, many people assume I should look stern and unforgiving. For some reason, however, I just can't stop smiling :) I am looking forward to learning more about... willpower. I have always found the science behind willpower and what motivates people to be extraordinarily intriguing. I think it is related to everything we do in life and just may be the key to helping each and every individual achieve their goals.


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