Jonathan Angelilli

Jonathan Angelilli

Jonathan is many things: recovered addict, peaceful warrior, celebrity trainer, elite athlete, successful writer, humble teacher, loving student. Above all, he is an Exercise Alchemist™, someone who is passionate about the power of holistic exercise to transform you into the best version of yourself, and to transform the entire world. Born in Queens, New York, Jonathan was hurled onto the path by his shadow at age 16; compelled to endure a dark and self-destructive rite of passage through violence and drugs, he was led to a defining moment of deep self-reckoning. I must heal myself. This spark of insight introduced him to the path of realization and transformation through meditation and exercise, and planted the seed for his holistic fitness brand, TrainDeep™- Exercise Alchemy. He graduated from NYU with a degree in Psychology and started exercising to "look better naked", but fitness ended up radically transforming every aspect of his life. With 13 years of experience as a celebrity trainer and 10 nationally recognized fitness certifications, Jonathan embodies a tremendous amount of joy, passion, and health. When not training, he can be found snowboarding or rock climbing in the mountains, competing in the Empire State Building Run Up, obstacle racing, teaching yoga, Qigong, and meditation, and volunteering for Stoked, a non-profit that mentors inner city kids through surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding In 2013, Shape Magazine named Jonathan the 7th hottest trainer in America. He is also a Flywheel Sports spin instructor, a dedicated yoga student and teacher, alchemical practitioner, and devoted disciple of Master Sat Hon. Jonathan is recognized as a 22nd generation lineage holder in the Taoist Dragon Gate School of Complete Reality. In 2012, he completed his first vision quest, a 4.5 day fast alone in the high desert of New Mexico.
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