Johanna Voss

Johanna Voss

Favorite splurge food: Carrot cake Go-to fitness routine: Running Favorite way to de-stress: Stress? What stress? That being said, usually running. Or checking out and having some Jojo time. Why I'm a greatist: How am I a greatist you wonder? I'm a health coach and have worked with hundreds of people every day to help them make healthier choices to find their happy, healthy sweet spot. I work with people 1:1, in my group programs and via corporate coaching and workplace wellness opportunities. This summer, I launched a wellness program for the staff of the Democratic National Convention Committee down in Charlotte. (You're welcome Mr. President!) I led weekly workshops and group coaching sessions around a range of topics. We dove into topics such as sugar, taking care of yourself, sleep, fitting in fitness, stress relief techniques and eating well among other things. Now I'm currently doing a similar program with a large tech company (~240 employees) in Woburn, MA, just outside Boston. I lead monthly workshops AND do 1:1 coaching with a small group of employees. My healthy recipes are replicated by friends, family and strangers and I post to my blog twice a week. Since Jan 1st of this year, I've maintained a weekly video newsletter. Phew. I walk the walk and talk the talk. Am totally blessed to love what I do and do what I love. It's not elusive. It can happen. I'm living proof. That's how I'm a greatist.
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