Jessica Green

Jessica Green

Favorite splurge food: Homemade ice cream sandwiches with coffee ice cream and chocolate syrup Go-to fitness routine: A weekly mix of different types of running workouts and at least one other type of activity other than running. A weekly dose of hills always finds its way into one, if not more of my runs. Long hill repeats or hill sprints in Prospect Park or on the Brooklyn Bridge Park are my go to, favorite workouts. During each repeat, I tell myself, "you own the hill, or the hill will own you  . . . total domination." Favorite way to de-stress: Ditch the phone and computer and find a friend who's in the mood for some silliness and outdoor activity. Laughter, fresh air and moving the legs always clears the head and leaves me feeling fresh, inspired and whole again. De-stressing alone? Put on a my favorite playlist, crank up the volume and have myself a dance party. Why I'm a greatist: My passions are the outdoors, people and new experiences. I use running regularly to enjoy all three of these maintaining a balance between running to satisfy my inner competitive athlete, connect with the outdoors, explore new neighborhoods, enjoy time with friends, and for mental clarity, overall health and meditation.  As a running coach, I encourage individuals to live healthier, confident lives through the power of outdoor activity, running for health and enjoyment first – pace second at least once a week, and a diverse, educated and positive relationship with running.
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