Ilen Bell

Ilen Bell

Ilen (pronounced eye-len), is the Co-Founder of, a website focused on promoting healthy lifestyles and breaking detrimental health and fitness cycles that affect the African-American community, by providing resources to achieve greater levels of health and fitness. He received his master’s degree from California University of Pennsylvania in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with an emphasis in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. Ilen also holds certifications through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS), National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPT, CES, PES), and the National Association of Speed and Explosion (SES). Ilen’s passion for health and fitness developed while serving in the military, which led to him becoming a personal trainer. He has worked at multiple national chain health clubs, but his most notable experience came from working as a strength and conditioning coach in Phoenix, Arizona, where he helped train NFL, MLB, and Division I athletes. My most troublesome weakness… Fighting the urge to consume multiple servings of peanut butter. I’m looking forward to learning more about… How social media can be used to promote health and fitness, restore communities and unite people around the world.
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