Emran Riaz

Emran Riaz

As a Certified Fitness Coach with over 13 years experience, Emran specializes in custom training routines based around strength & conditioning principles.Emran loves to challenge and motivate his clients to surpass their physical and mental boundaries. He believes anything can be possible through fitness!Fun Fact about Emran: "Em" is also a very accomplished close up Magician who is well known in the magic community as a creative inventor and performer!My most troublesome fitness, health, and happiness issue/weakness is... My girlfriend has her own baking business specializing in delicious cupcakes. Sometimes when I come home from the gym I see a fresh dozen on the table. 99% of the time that dozen mysteriously turns into 11.I am looking forward to learning more about...fitness, but what intrigues me the most is myself. I truly want to see what limits my own body can surpass. By doing this, I believe it will give you a greater understanding of fitness.
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