Emily Milam

Emily Milam

My longstanding passion for health has ushered me down an exciting (albeit lengthy!) career path in medicine. As a medical student in New York City, I gain new knowledge about health and fitness every single day. Greatist provides me with a platform to inspire healthy living and practice sharing what I learn from lectures, anatomy lab, and the hospital. My interactions with patients have lead me to quickly realize that knowledge is the most empowering tool on our quest to good health. Though I admit I am more nerd than jock, I relish an active lifestyle. I am goal-oriented in my fitness regimens and crave variety and fresh air. Throughout my Florida upbringing, I relied on the ocean and year-round beautiful weather to incentivize exercise. Now a northeast city-dweller, I sometimes require an extra nudge in my motivation to seek out athletic endeavors. My favorite workouts are those shared with friends and family: bike rides, hikes, swims, and NYC running races. I am forever bouncing from one activity to the next – some would say I need more focus! My most troublesome weakness is... All things dairy. Few of my meals lack cheese, and a week without a heaping bowl of ice cream is like a night without sleep. Calcium is good for you though, right? Front-running flavor: Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I'm looking forward to learning more about.... How to incorporate avocados into more meals, clarifying fitness facts and debunking fitness fiction, and daily inspiration.
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