Delf Enriquez

Delf Enriquez

Favorite splurge food: Pizza Go-to fitness routine: My fitness classes. Believe it or not, a well-designed group fitness class can deliver results, even for a big boy like me. Favorite way to de-stress: I meditate, and do 30-min yoga DVDs, for a quick cool-me-down. Why I'm a greatist: I'm a GREATIST because since my days as an obese teen-ager, I've discovered that my true passion is in educating and helping people toward improving their own health and fitness. I've now spent over 1/2 my life in this field. I love it, and will be with it for life. I've used my classes at Equinox in LA as my main platform for this mission, along with my recent update of the blog. I tweet relevant health/fitness news, and post these on Facebook as well. Coming up is more video blogging from me, as another way of sharing my Greatist-centric philosophies. On a daily basis, I'm constantly sharing what I can, to further educate or inspire an audience. And thankfully, my passion and energy for it is INFECTIOUS. PS I love Mariah Carey, if that helps :)
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