There are already a lot of fitness tracking devices out there, but Jawbone just added to the pile with an update to their popular UP wristband. Is the new device worth an upgrade?
A new service from search giant Google lets users pay to video chat with expert instructors in any field. With an initial launch featuring hundreds of yoga teachers and personal trainers, Helpouts' biggest impact could be on health and fitness.
A tricked-out cab in Chile is offering riders a discount for exercising during the drive. But there's more to this story than a fitness-obsessed driver. It turns out the world's largest beverage company is actually the mastermind behind this gym on wheels.
Most alcohol doesn't have to include nutritional info on the packaging. But a recent governmental push has outlined new labeling standards for booze that could soon become mandatory. Should alcohol bottles include nutrition labels? We want to know your thoughts in this week's Greatist poll!
Greatist's Fitness Editor explains how CrossFit contributed to multiple injuries, poor self-esteem, and even reconstructive surgery — and why he still does it.


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Eating like a caveman (or woman) is an increasingly popular road to healthier food intake, but cravings can affect even the most disciplined. So we've rounded up our favorite Paleo-friendly, healthy snack recipes to satisfy any palate when hunger strikes.
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Chugging from that favorite sports bottle could mean ingesting more than H2O. Research suggests potentially toxic BPA can leach into the body through water and food containers.

Last Friday Greatist headed to NYC's Just Keep Moving Fitness for a kickboxing bootcamp class. Read on to learn about this butt-busting workout!

The New York TImes recently reported on a seven-minute bodyweight circuit designed to improve all aspects of fitness. We put it to the test.

Want to keep up the calorie burn even after leaving the gym? Research suggests the more intense the exercise, the more active our metabolisms for hours after the workout.