Claire Siegel

Claire Siegel

Favorite splurge food: Cheeseburgers... With bacon if I'm splurging on my splurge. Go-to fitness routine: Normally, I'm all about the boot camp workout. I love the group feel and motivation (read: competition). Lately though I've also been thoroughly enjoying The Bar Method. I think it's done a great job to fine tune my problem areas. Also, as a student, I do a lot of at-home workouts. I can't always make it to the gym or afford a gym membership. The Nike Fit Training Club iPhone app has been my go to for routines I can do in my bedroom. Favorite way to de-stress: Basically, I like getting my mind off of whatever is stressing me out. These activities include, but are not limited to: online shopping, in person shopping, jogging, a night out, girl talk, stretching, sleeping, shopping, buying things, stimulating the economy. Kidding... Kinda. I mostly vent to de-stress. I think talking out your problems is one of the best ways to make yourself realize that they're just not that big of a deal. Why I'm a greatist: I'm a greatist because I'm making it work. I'm a busy student finding a balance between health and fun, while also trying to make health itself fun for my readers. I like accessible nutrition information that translates directly to easy, delicious, and low calorie recipes. I like workouts that you can do with limited time, money, equipment and space. I also like to screw up sometimes and that's okay too.
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