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Christopher Malenab

Christopher Malenab

Favorite splurge food: Ice cream Go-to fitness routine: My go to routine is get my running shoes on, turn my Garmin Forerunner 305 and head out of the door for my runs! Favorite way to de-stress: I enjoy acupuncture sessions, massages from my massage therapist and foam roller time to de-stress. But the best way is to spend time with my wife and 6 month old son! Why I'm a greatist: I am greatist because in my health and fitness freak infused life I help influence those around me outside of the athletes I work with. I converted my garage into a workout center and currently have groups of friends come over to workout 3-4 nights a week. Our social time has become workout time! With that I also blog, tweet, and facebook on a regular basis. I am also a 10x marathon finisher as well as have completed 16 half marathons.
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