Becki Ledford

Becki Ledford

Favorite splurge food: Cheese, for sure. Any and all kinds, the stinkier the better. Go-to fitness routine: My go-to way to get my heart rate up is with a quick run, but when I want something intense, I can't say no to a bootcamp-style workout. I was first introduced to them through Ultimate Bootcamp in Boston and can't stay away. The full body workout just hurts so good. Favorite way to de-stress: A relaxing date night in or a nice, balanced yoga session to sweat my stress away. Why I'm a greatist: I have completely turned my life around with nutritious food and exercise and I want to share my journey and message with the world. There are some things in life you can't change, but your wellness, including both physical and mental health, doesn't have to be one of them. I am continually fighting for a healthier me and a healthier world and that makes me a greatist.
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